TransForce Sagittal Expander


The Sagittal Appliance is specifically designed for anterior arch development (creates space by advancing the 3x3 labially) and is often indicated for simultaneous use in both arches. The appliance operates on the slide principle and may be used unilaterally or bilaterally to extend arch length.

Nitanium® Coil Springs enclosed in expansion modules provide slow continuous force

The TransForce Sagittal Expander is particularly effective in creating space by sagittal arch development in the upper arch to accommodate crowding in the buccal segments. This device is excellent in treatment of dental asymmetry as it is pre- activated to equalize the space available in the right and left buccal segments. This approach simplifies first phase treatment to accommodate buccaly crowded canines, before or after they erupt, and is indicated to advance retroclined incisors to increase arch length. The larger sizes are designed for use in the upper arch with a range of action of 6 mm from fully closed to fully open. This is sufficient to accommodate blocked out canines or premolars where upper incisors are retroclined.


  • To advance upper incisors in Class III malocclusion
  • To reduce overbite and align incisors in Class II Division 2 malocclusion
  • To advance upper & lower incisors in treatment of bimaxillary retrusion
  • To accommodate buccal segment crowding by advancing incisors
  • To treat dental asymmetry and accommodate blocked out canines
  • To correct lingually displaced incisors in Class I malocclusion

Pre-adjusted invisible appliances simplify treatment

The light forces generated by the Sagittal expander act reciprocally on the molars and incisors. This results in proclination of the incisors, with no significant distal movement of the molars. This is effective in treating crowding by increasing arch length. It can be used to reduce overbite prior to fitting fixed appliances, thus eliminating a major cause of breakage due to traumatic occlusion on the lower brackets.


For ease of insertion

Expansion Module

Slow continuous force


Easy size identification

Ease of Insertion

Placement blades are designed to insert easily into molar bands with standard .036" x .072" lingual sheaths

Aesthetic Appearance

Lingual placement for a virtually invisible appearance

Size Identification

Color-coded for easy identification

Optimum Patient Comfort

Nitanium® Coil Springs enclosed in expansion modules provide slow continuous force

No Laboratory Work Required

Select and order appliance by desired finish size

Less Inventory

Universal sizes for upper or lower arches – no need to carry separate inventory

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