Faces & Braces for Parents and Patients

$ 4.99

WOOCS 2.2.1


Treat your children, or even yourself, to a Brilliant Smile! Whether you are the parent of a youngster, a teenager or even an adult, this book gives you a guide as to what can be achieved using Orthodontics in a way anyone will easily understand. Photos and illustrations make this book a must buy for anyone looking to have Orthodontic work done.


Product Description

‘Faces & Braces’ explains current procedures in orthodontics to patients and parents. The style is informal and gives clear explanations of the options available in orthodontic treatment with many examples of treated patients. The text and humour will appeal to young children, teenagers and adults who are planning to have orthodontic treatment.

Includes 30 illustrated case reports explain a wide range of orthodontic treatment procedures.


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