TransForce Orthodontics

New Horizons in Orthodontics

My name is Dr. William Clark and Orthodontics is my passion and life long work.

I have created 2 books that encompass my 50 years experience that could change your life.

Book one is TransForce Orthodontics for Dentists, Orthodontists, Teachers and Students.

Book two is for everyone, but in particular Parents and Patients.

Introducing your Author Dr. William J. Clark, Inventor of Twin Blocks and TransForce appliances.

Dr Clark is the first recipient of an award of distinction from the British Orthodontic Society for an outstanding contribution to the specialty of orthodontics. In 2008 he received the first award from IFUNA for personal outstanding international service to functionalism and orthodontics.

Dr Clark developed the Twin Block Technique in 1977 in his orthodontic practice in Scotland. In 2004 Dr Clark developed invisible TransForce Appliances to correct arch form and align the anterior teeth.

William J. Clark B.D.S.,D.D.O.,D.D.Sc.,F.D.S.R.C.S.Eng

TransForce Orthodontics E-book

Invisible TransForce Appliances

TransForce Palatal Expander

TransForce Sagittal Expander

TransForce Appliances:

  • Patients Love Invisible Appliances
  • Pre-activated for minimal discomfort and inconvenience
  • Rapid tooth movements
  • Little or no adjustment required
  • Transverse and Sagittal appliances
  • Treat all classes of malocclusion from mixed dentition to adolescence
  • Ideal for adult therapy
  • Smile with confidence during treatment
  • Improves profile and facial balance
  • Reduce time in full-fixed appliances (if needed) by 50%
  • Treats patients unwilling to have fixed appliances

The TransForce Orthodontics Palatal Transverse Appliance has an expansion module to increase the inter-canine width (expands at the cuspids) and may be used in the upper or lower arch when expansion is required to accommodate crowding in the labial segments, or to correct arch width in constricted arches.

The TransForce Orthodontics Sagittal Appliance is specifically designed for anterior arch development (creates space by advancing the 3×3 labially) and is often indicated for simultaneous use in both arches. The appliance operates on the slide principle and may be used unilaterally or bilaterally to extend arch length.

TransForce Orthodontic Options:

TransForce Palatal Expander

Transverse: More information

TransForce Sagittal Expander

Sagittal: More information