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Quintessence Publishing Co Inc: Arch Development with Trans-Force Lingual Appliances

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Publication: Winter 2005  Volume 6 , Issue 1
Edited by: Rafi Romano, DMD, MSc

Trans-Force lingual appliances are designed to correct arch form in patients with contracted dental arches. Interceptive treatment with this new series of pre-activated lingual appliances offers new possibilities for arch development, in combination with fixed appliances. Palatal and lingual appliances insert in horizontal lingual sheaths in molar bands. No activation is required after the appliance is fitted, and this principle is extended to a series of appliances for sagittal and transverse arch development. Both sagittal and transverse appliances have additional components to achieve 3-way expansion where this is indicated. The invisible lingual appliances may be used in correction of all classes of malocclusion at any stage of development, from mixed dentition through permanent dentition, and this approach has wide indications in adult treatment.

ISSN 2160-2999 (print) / ISSN 2160-3006 (online)

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